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 1999 Kenworth T800 $22,900
Used 1999 Kenworth T800 for Sale
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EngineCaterpillar  C-10  335 RE Ratio3.55
Sleeper Wheelbase 
TransmissionRTX13710C WheelsSteel
SuspensionSpring Tires11R22.5
FA Capacity12,000 Lbs. Odometer364,308
RA Capacity23,000 Lbs. Unit#7468
GVWR35,000 Lbs. 

 1999 TrailMobile 53' Trailer $6,900
Used 1999 TrailMobile 53' Trailer for Sale
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Length53 X Members 
Width102" WheelsSteel
Height Tires 
GVWR65,000 lbs. Unit#ST-980
SuspensionAir Ride   
Axle Capacity   

 1995 Ford L9000 $18,900
Used 1995 Ford L9000 for Sale
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EngineCummins  L10  280 RE Ratio
Sleeper Wheelbase 
TransmissionHT740 WheelsSteel
SuspensionWalking Beam Tires12R22.5
FA Capacity20,000 Lbs. Odometer65,306
RA Capacity46,000 Lbs. Unit#7524
GVWR66,000 Lbs. 

 1991 AM General M998 $10,900
Used 1991 AM General M998 for Sale
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Engine  6.2L  150 RE Ratio
Sleeper Wheelbase 
Transmission Wheels
Suspension Tires
FA Capacity Odometer25,139
RA Capacity Unit#7291

 1977 Benson 30' Dump Trailer $17,900
Used 1977 Benson 30' Dump Trailer for Sale
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Length30 X Members 
Width96" WheelsSteel
Height Tires 
GVWR Unit#ST-934
Axle Capacity   

 1971 AM General M818Call!
Used 1971 AM General M818 for Sale
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EngineCummins  250   RE Ratio
Sleeper Wheelbase 
Transmission WheelsSteel
Suspension Tires
FA Capacity Odometer
RA Capacity Unit#M818
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